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Core Features

  • Online Reservations for your party rooms
  • POS System and Waiver stations
  • Automated Marketing Tools
  • Suggested add on sales
  • Detailed Sales Reports
  • SEO Optimized Website Creator
  • RFID
  • CRM

  • Never double book your party rooms
  • Quickly check your guests in. No more traffic Jams
  • Always communicate at the right time with the right message
  • Increase your average ticket
  • Dig deep into your data
  • Drag and Drop Easy
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Never miss a follow up or sales opportunity
Imagine: your party rooms are always reserved in advance, your Point of Sales system works flawlessly, your customer outreach is done for you, and your tickets are always huge. Now stop imagining, and realize your dream is exactly what we offer at Event Rental Systems. Join our growing fanbase of over 1300 happy business owners, and put your business on autopilot.

ERS is multi-faceted to accommodate many industries, but we spend as much time on the individual industries as we do on the big stuff. An example of this is our support of redemption games for arcades, and our RFID support for inventory tracking.

Our software for mini golf is truly your all-in-one solution. And we'll never saddle you with a huge upfront fee for an unnecessary local server or licensing fee (come on, software companies, what year is this?). In fact, we'll never charge you any upfront fee of any kind! Our innovative software is cloud-based, and since there are no contracts, you can cancel at any time if you're not satisfied (we trust you will be, since, in addition to everything else, we've got top-notch Free Tech Support).

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