Family Entertainment Centers

Core Features

  • Online Reservations for your party rooms
  • POS System and Waiver stations
  • Automated Marketing Tools
  • Suggested add on sales
  • Detailed Sales Reports
  • SEO Optimized Website Creator
  • RFID
  • CRM

  • Never double book your party rooms
  • Quickly check your guests in. No more traffic Jams
  • Always communicate at the right time with the right message
  • Increase your average ticket
  • Dig deep into your data
  • Drag and Drop Easy
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Never miss a follow up or sales opportunity
True or False: you've got to pay a web developer to make a good website for you, use an inventory management software to keep track of your items, use a CRM and third-party email marketing software to manage your customers, and a POS software to manage your company's transactions?

Answer: False! Our end-to-end software for Family Entertainment Centers is the only system you'll need to provide your customers with a satisfying experience and yourself with robust, easy-to-use business systems for efficient management.

You can put a scrolling banner into your website with clickable pictures advertising your open play times, your specials, your new attractions, and more. Or maybe you want to embed a YouTube video describing your company into your home page (which is great for your SEO, by the way). Or maybe you just want a simple banner with a nice picture in the background. No matter what you want your website to look like, you can easily do it yourself with our Responsive Website Builder! You don't have to know anything about HTML, coding, programming, or any of those other fancy computer words. That said, if you do know a trick or two with HTML, our system supports the use of custom code as well.

You can easily add Calls to Action throughout your site to drive your sales, and rest assured your customers can buy their passes online (only if you want them to be able to though!) but they can't overbook, and our system will automatically upsell with suggested add-ons as they add items to their cart. Your customers can sign their waivers right there in the automated receipt email and/or text they'll receive right after they order, or they can sign at your onsite waiver station.

But our system isn't just about what your customers get. It's also the only software you need, or as close to it as possible, for your business operations! Our dedicated servers store waivers, customer data, order history, emails, and much more, in your account forever, and it's easy to find and analyze that information whenever you need to. Your employees can clock in and out with their own unique user ID, on their Android or iPhone, so your in-store tablets can stick to what you bought them for: making you money! We integrate with Google Analytics, Quickbooks, TaxCloud, and most all of the major email marketing platforms too. And you can even text your employees their schedules with our Employee Scheduler.

Our software for Indoor Playgrounds and FECs is truly your all-in-one solution. And we'll never saddle you with a huge upfront fee for an unnecessary local server or licensing fee (come on, software companies, what year is this?). In fact, we'll never charge you any upfront fee of any kind! Our innovative software is cloud-based, and our servers have never gone down in 12 years so far. And since there are no contracts, you can cancel at any time if you're not satisfied (we trust you will be, since, in addition to everything else, we've got top-notch Free Tech Support).

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